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Posted on 06-21-2017

Summer Spinal Health

Today is officially summer! Woo, we made it through the long haul of winter time!

Now is the time for fun summer activities like playing sports outside, going to the beach, boating, surfing and an array of other “fun in the sun” related items.

While all of those activities are quite fun, look at it from our perspective as well. Summer sports and activities can lead to traumas. We want you performing 100% for the best time of the year.

So what can you do to remain safe and healthy for the summer? Let’s break it down into 3 parts.

3 Keys to a Healthy Summer Spine

  • Chiropractic maintenance
  • Address Trauma
  • Being mindful about nutrition

Chiropractic Maintenance

If you are looking to stay healthy and keep your spine in top working shape during the summer time, chiropractic maintenance is a must! Maintaining your healthy spine with chiropractic adjustments will help you to avoid future subluxations and keeping your bones moving at 100%.

Allowing the bones to keep moving will allow your nerves to reach all the systems they need to reach so you are healthy year round!

Addressing Traumas

People get hurt. It happens, especially when it is a high time for activity like the summer. People get tossed under waves while they surf, people trip while playing sports.

The important thing to do is to take ACTION when these things happen. Do not wait for it to magically get better. Set up an appointment with your chiropractor and make sure everything in your spine is ship-shape. If there is something that needs to be addressed, the doctor can provide chiropractic adjustments to help.

Being Mindful about Nutrition

You get out of your body what you put in. If you are loading your body with sugar and other junk food, don’t expect it to perform the way you want while playing beach volleyball.

For better productivity and increased energy levels, bump up those leafy greens, lean meats, and healthy fats. Vegetables are great slow burning carbs that can give you increased energy, without the added bloat of sugar content.

For more information regarding nutrition, sign up for our Summer Shape talk in the office taking place on July 12, where Dr. Keith Mirante will discuss the Paleo and ketogenic diets.

Looking to fix a trauma or chiropractic maintenance? To schedule a consultation with your Clinton CT, Guilford CT, and Madison CT Chiropractor, Dr. Keith Mirante, you can call us at 203-245-8217, visit our website at drmirante.com, or click the link below to go to our new patient center.

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