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Posted on 12-14-2016

Your Workplace Ergonomic Risk Assessment

Are you protecting yourself at work? Did you know that an improper set up for your workstation can greatly affect your health and wellness over the years? Let’s talk about small changes you can make in your daily routine that can combat the negative side effects of poor workplace ergonomics.

Setting up Your Workstation

First thing is first, you must make sure that your workstation that you sit at each and every day is set up correctly!

Your Computer Monitor

Your computer monitor must be at eye level.  It is very important that your neck does not have to bend down to view your monitor. Constant bending of the neck can cause a decrease in your cervical curve. Keep the head, neck, and back aligned to ensure safety at your desk.

Your Desk and Chair

While at your desk you must consider the height of your seat, and the support you provide your elbows and lower back. Your lower back lumbar curve must be supported for upright, proper sitting posture. If your chair does not provide support, use a small cushion behind your lower back. Your elbows should be aligned with the height of your desk and should be supported by arm rests. Whenever available use an ergonomic keyboard.

 An ergonomic keyboard is shaped to allow your hands and wrists to type in a natural position. Traditional keyboards force the shoulders, arms, and neck in a very awkward position that can eventually cause injury.  An ergonomic keyboard can help prevent injury. Another great tool to promote better ergonomics at the workplace is a standing desk. A standing desk allows you to get out of a seated position and promote more activity.

Your Peace of Mind & Body

It is important to get up throughout the day and take breaks! Taking short breaks and getting some movement into your day rather than staying seated greatly improves productivity.

Do you want your risk assessed?

If you are worried that you’re set up at work is causing you additional pain and discomfort you are in luck. Dr. Mirante actively reviews patient workstation set-ups and provides consultation on changes you should make to ensure a better quality of life. Our patients have found great relief with their conditions by reworking their workspace. Not currently a patient with us? Visit our New Patient Center to set up a consultation and get your workstation more ergonomic friendly. 

Visit Our New Patient Center!

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