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Posted on 08-02-2017

Is Sitting Really the New Smoking?

Do you go to work every day working at a desk, typing on a keyboard, looking at a computer monitor? Well if you do there is a chance you may be in a bit of danger.

Ok, danger might be too strong of a word. But did you know that repetitive traumas due to improper posture can lead to more serious problems?

Have you heard of the phrase “Sitting is the new smoking”?

If you are constantly sitting in an improper position while at the workplace, you can be compressing your spine and joints in an unnatural way.  If you must sit at a desk every day, here are some things to consider.

Your Computer Monitor

  • Your computer monitor must be at eye level. Constant bending of the neck can cause a decrease in your cervical curve. Keep the head, neck, and back aligned to ensure safety at your desk.

Your Desk and Chair

  • While at your desk you must consider the height of your seat and the support you provide your elbows and lower back. Your lower back lumbar curve must be supported for upright, proper sitting posture. If your chair does not provide support, use a small cushion behind your lower back.
  • Your elbows should be aligned with the height of your desk and should be supported by arm rests. Whenever available use an ergonomic keyboard.

Simple Solution #1:  Get Up & Move!

It is important to get up throughout the day and take breaks!

Taking short breaks and getting some movement into your day rather than staying seated greatly improves productivity. If you find that you work in a position all day that does not allow you to have movement in your workplace, it is up to you to take breaks where you need and to give that body a chance to move.

Simple Solution #2:  Use a Standing Desk

Standing desks are not just a new fad. They are revolutionizing how we work. Using a standing desk will allow you to get up out of your chair and introduce movement to your day. They are also very beneficial because they avoid the postural problems you get while seated for 8+ hours in a row.

If you are worried that you’re set up at work already has caused you trauma visit our New Patient Center to set up a consultation and get your workstation more ergonomic friendly. 

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