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Posted on 04-18-2016

Dr. Keith MiranteHow Your Children Can Experience Low Back Pain

The July 2014 issue of International Journal of Sports Medicine studied 272 male and female athletes participating in 31 different sports ranging from age 13-17 years old for 1 year.  The results were alarming, they show that the first onset of back pain was seen in this age group and a total of 57% of these adolescents experienced some sort of back pain throughout the year of being studied.   What is even more alarming is that of that group that did experience the symptoms, 66% went on to have a lifetime prevalence of reoccurring pain. 

Not "Just Low Back Pain" 

The reason this concerns me so much is that this is often times a warning sign of something much more significant that “just” low back pain.  This is often times indicative of something much more serious such as subluxation. Yes, subluxation happens that young!  You wouldn't believe how many times I hear, “I just picked up the newspaper”, ohttp://drmirante.com/r “I was just reaching for something”, or “I thought it would go away”.  The newspaper or reaching funny certainly did not create this catastrophe, usually that is an underlying subluxation that has been present for years.  

Subluxation is when one, two, or more of the spinal bones shift from their normal position and cause interference and damage to spinal nerves, this not only can create pain (only 10% of the nerves in the body contribute to pain, 90% to vital body functions) but damage our child's and our bodies ability to function at 100%.

If your child plays sports, gymnastics, dances or even runs around like mine, odds are they could have subluxation. Make sure your child has a full workup with nerve testing and possibly x-ray if necessary.

In Health,

Dr. Keith Mirante

Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness | Madison, CT

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