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Posted on 08-09-2017

At our office here in Madison CT, we see a lot of different types of ailments and injuries. It is our job to provide our community with the best tools and advice on how you can heal better faster.

In this post today, we are going to provide you with some tips of how you can make your care work better for you, and talk about a couple of tools you can use to help you find healing.

Keeping Up With Adjustments

When entering chiropractic care you must make sure to stay consistent with your adjustments. Constant movement on the vertebrae is what allows your spine to mobilize again.

If you leave too much time in between adjustments during your care, your spinal health will regress.

It takes a lot of adjustments to hold changes in places and to keep your spine moving. When in doubt, get adjusted. More mobility means less pain.

Getting Out What You Put In

Participating in your rehab exercises is another important piece. You get out what you put in. Just like the adjustments, you want to make sure you are staying consistent with your exercises.

Imagine regaining your health is like preparing for a test. If you only study half of the material of the test are you going to pass? Probably not.  

Similarly, if you are not doing your exercises designed to make you feel better, are you going to get back to 100%? No.

You get out what you put in. Perform your exercises and see yourself progress.

Helpful Tools

Foam Roller

A foam roller is a great tool not only to help you find healing, but a great tool to use after exercises to help you recover faster.

Foam rollers massage the muscles that it is in contact with. This massage helps blood flow to reach those areas and promote healing faster. It is also a great tool to help with things like disc bulges and inflexibility.

For some the foam roller can be a bit intense at the start, but over time, it feels more and more like a relaxing massage.

Lacrosse Ball

For a more intense version of the foam roller, you can try using a lacrosse ball. A lacrosse ball is great because it not only does what the foam roller does; it also helps to pinpoint an area where a foam roller only hits a large portion of the body all at once.

Be aware that when using a lacrosse ball that it can be a lot more intense than using a foam roller. Lacrosse balls are very hard. But it is that density that allows us to get that release from it.

When using a lacrosse ball you can lay the ball on the wall and lean against it with your back. Find the spot that is tight, and roll to ball between you and the wall in that area to have a better release.

To schedule a consultation with your Clinton CT, Guilford CT, and Madison CT Chiropractor, Dr. Keith Mirante, you can call us at 203-245-8217, visit our website at drmirante.com, or click the link below to go to our new patient center.

We will help you get exercising, and adjusted.

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